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By analyzing the marketing presence, we define improvements to increase the presence of the brands and products.

To achieve this, we have created tools for targeted advertising based on innovative algorithms.

It enables us to filter users by habits and behaviors while they are using social networks, surfing the web or power searching with Google.

As we slowly become a part of the future our technology is creating, we can begin to realize the real potential of innovations like targeted advertising that will help us get there.

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Our new website allows our clients to take a peek at our little place for a perfect vacation. Dan Virag
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Our clients and patients from 86 countries enjoy the digital experience of our new website. Lana Klobaš
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A wonderful new website for our Villa Zetna - the perfect blend of modernity and tradition. Mijo Kaštelan
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Real time and effective webshop that connects Protea Sport with our customers instantly. Dino Levar
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Simple but detailed presentation of our programs and the ZŠEM philosophy - the perfect website for the leaders of the future. Marija Perić, Head of Marketing Office
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